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There are many factors that depend on the type of installation, we offer a free quote to find the perfect suited installation to suit your home.

If your system is being flooded with liquid it can produce popping like sounds. If your air conditioner compressor is sucking up liquid refrigerant through the intake side, this could lead to major damage to your system if it is not repaired quickly.

Every 6 months to one year depending on the frequency of use. This will maintain the life of your air conditioner, also decreasing the energy consumption therefore reducing your power bill.

The most common sign of water leaking inside is because you have a blocked drain and the drip tray is over flowing. Other reasons may include low in refrigerant, damage to insulation of refrigerant pipes or a cracked drip tray.

Most people think this is because it has leaked refrigerant where most of the time this is to do with a fault on the unit. The fan can blow on the indoor and outdoor unit, but the compressor may not be working. Common faults are caused by power surges or geckos and can damage the electrical components in the air conditioner.

For cooling purposes, the average reverse cycle air conditioner costs around $0.30 for small rooms to $0.90 for large rooms per hour to run. This is depending on the size of the room and what size air conditioner is installed.

A ducted air conditioning system costs around $2 to 3.50 per hour to run. Depending on how many rooms are zoned.

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LED vs Halogen Downlights

As an estimate, here is how the energy saving equation looks for replacing halogen downlights with LED alternatives:

  • 25 Halogen Lights using 50W each = $857.90
  • 25 LED Lights using 9.5W each: = $151
  • Annual saving of LED down lights vs halogen = $706.90

As you can see that is a great saving and usually pays its self-back in the first year. LED also have a longer life than Halogens you won’t need to replace them.

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Alex’s team were prompt, very friendly and finished four air con installations ahead of schedule. The guys cleaned up after their work and were very patient with our over affectionate dog! Thanks Alex.


Viola Manisa

Verified customer

Can I just say, your guys were all great. So friendly, clean, and well organised. Except for when they lost their ute keys. That was hilarious. Thanks for a great job


Bryan Arnoldy

Verified customer

Highly professional and work done to exceptional quality. Had 3 separate split units installed and more than happy with the outcome of each, both inside and outside the house.


Joshua William

Verified customer

MacDonald Air and Electrical have recently installed a split system air conditioning unit at my property. They were very helpful explaining what was needed and provided a very competitive quote. They arrived at the agreed time and cleaned up any mess from their work before they left. I was very happy with their service.


Peter Scully

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