Split System Air Conditioners


Our split system air conditioners consist of an outdoor compressor unit and an indoor unit. The indoor unit blows out cool air and the outdoor unit disperses the heat from the cooled area.

Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners are our preferred systems and that is because they are one of the industry leaders when it comes to split air conditioner systems, we also install Daikin, Fujitsu, Panasonic & others.


Split Air Conditioner Systems are most common if you only want one area cooled. Also available are multi head split air conditioner systems where you can have one outdoor unit supplying up to 6 head units.

This is cheapest option of air conditioning available apart from a window/wall box air conditioner. Perfect solution if you are looking at doing one room at a time.




The perfect system for the bedroom or living room.

Ranging in size from 2.0kw to 9.4kw we will site measure the required space to find the size best suitable for your application.

These can be installed in many ways, from back to back installations, to the head unit mounted on an internal wall with a drain pump and the piping & cabling run through the roof space.

We can also replace your old split system air conditioners. When we replace systems we replace all the materials, so you have a nice new installation. You also want the materials to hold up for another 10-15 years along with your new system.


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air conditioner system


  Easy to use
  Quick installation times
  Usually cheaper than ducted



  Usually the system will only cool the room it is located in.
  Can have multiple outdoor units affecting aesthetics.
  Large units can have a large indoor unit protruding in your space.



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