Multihead split system air conditioners Brisbane

Multihead split system has one outdoor unit and depending on the size of the outdoor unit, you can have up to 6 head units of the one outdoor unit. These can be high wall head units or cassette units.

This is a great idea if you have limited space or you don’t want multiple outdoor units on the side of your home. The cost of multi head condensers is quite large compared to single split systems as the initial outlay is the cost of the outdoor systems.

A great cost effective solution, if you are looking for a multihead split system, is to purchase and install the suitable sized outdoor condenser required to cool the rooms and add a minimum of two head units, which you can then add on additional head units in the future within your timeframe and budget.


Multihead air conditioners

Some people believe this would be a cheaper option than standard split systems, but it is not. Standard Split systems are often installed as a back to back installation, with multihead split system units there is usually only one head unit that is back to back with the outdoor unit. The rest of the units usually have pipes and cabling run through the roof to the indoor head units and depending if the unit is mounted on an internal wall a drain pump is usually required also.


  Great for limited space
  Only one outdoor unit opposed to multiple single split units
  Usually cheaper than ducted



  Higher price tag than single split systems
  Installation is limited to the lay out of the house
  If the outdoor unit fails all the indoor units won’t work



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