Ducted air conditioners Brisbane


Ducted air conditioning consists of an outdoor compressor unit and an indoor unit which is concealed in the ceiling. Ducting runs to each room with different zones for each room to turn off separately. Even if you have a large outdoor unit to supply the whole house, if you only run one or two rooms the unit will not run at its full capacity, therefore saving money.


There is one central wall mounted remote to control the zones and temperature of each room throughout the house.


Each ducted we install, firstly consists of an onsite inspection for measurements to find the correct capacity and understand the needs you want to achieve.

We have multiple diffuser types available from round, square, grilles etc.

We also have two options of smart controls available, Izone or MyAir

With Izone or MyAir you will get full control from your system, from different temperatures in each room to varying the amount in each room and best of all, it can be controlled by your phone on the comfort of your couch or bed.



  Cools/heats the entire home
  Very quiet
  Zoning allows for better energy efficiency


  Higher initial price tag
  Uses more power consumption then one or two split systems


All the best brands at very competitive prices!


Experience & Quality at a Price you can Afford

  15 years experience
  Fully licensed & qualified
  Comprehensive insurance
  Local and family owned
  No subs (we do our own work)
  All workmanship 100% guaranteed
  Finance available

5 Star Service