Cassette air conditioner systems Brisbane

Cassette air conditioner is mostly a single system, as they can be combined on a multi head system, which means you can have a large outdoor system which can link to depending on size as well as multiple indoor units.

These can consist of combinations of all cassette air conditions or a combination of a split system air conditioner & a cassette air conditioner as well.

Cassette air conditioners are great for large open areas, consisting of large living room areas or most commonly large open office spaces or schools where a few systems can be installed into large areas also.

However, they are usually more expensive than a standard split system due to the initial outlay of the cassette price and installation as the cassette unit usually has pipes and cabling run to the indoor unit.

Cassette AC split systems are quite a concealed unit. The system itself sits recessed into the ceiling cavity and it is usually only the cover plate which protrudes from the ceiling making it less visible than say a split system air conditioner.

Moreover, the most common type of Cassette air conditioner system we use is Mitsubishi Electric, followed by Daikin. These units have a square face. And if you are looking for something a bit different we have Samsung's new circular cassette system available.

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Pros of Cassette AC

  Great air cooling for open spaces in offices as well as living areas
  Discreet location as it usually sits close to flush with the ceiling


Cons of Cassette AC

  Costlier that a standard split system



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